Hope everyone enjoyed the month off from the BOTM!

This month we're starting fresh, well sort of, actually our first repeat bourbon of the month. This one has gone through a complete change and then a secondary labeling change recently.

The new label hardly acknowledges it but we all know Russell's Reserve is from Wild Turkey. This 10 year bourbon was, as we all know, some time ago proofed down to 90 from 101 and completely repackaged with a different bottle and label. Recently the label was changed again so let's give a fresh look to this attempt of Wild Turkey's to position the RR line in a completely different class.

Strangely enough I find myself enjoying this in my glass right now more than I ever did the 101 proof version. Did they change the profile when they repackaged it? It seems more refined with distinct flavors and less rough char flavor; is that what the RR line is supposed to be about?

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