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    Wheat's vs Rye's

    I started drinking bourbon/whiskey about a two years ago...like many others before me I started with Jack and Jim with Coke and have moved on from there. About 6 months ago I decided to start moving away from the JD and into bourbon...started on the Rocks with a splash of water, then to where I'm at now which is one ice cube.

    I have had the following and are all open on the bar:
    Four Roses Small Batch
    Knob Creek
    Woodford Reserve
    JB White
    JB Black
    Maker's Mark
    Elmer T. Lee
    Buffalo Trace
    ORVW 10/90
    VW Lot B

    I have found that my favorites of the bunch are BT, ORVW, and VW lot B...it happens that all of these are considered to be wheaters. My question is, is there a list of "wheaters" and "Rye's" anywhere? If not, does anyone have any additional recomendations on other bourbon's if I like that style?

    I have the following in the bunker that I haven't tried yet:
    Four Roses Yellow
    EWSB 1998
    JD Single Barrel
    Eagle Rare 10/90
    Pappy 15yr
    Pappy 20yr
    Ridgemont Reserve 1792
    Russel's Reserve

    Which one's will I most likely like based on my preferences listed above? Thanks in advance!
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