In looking at my bar, I've noticed that the only Heaven Hill juice that I have is the Rittenhouse BIB Rye (which I like and stock). And - I have a space open (in my 20 Whiskeys rack) for another Rye'd Bourbon and I think I'd like to find something from Heaven Hill to round out the bunch (since for Bourbons I've already got juice from BT, Beam, 4R, and WT).

So what do you guys think is the very best Bourbon from the fine folks at Heaven Hill, amongst what's currently being made and reasonably available (regardless of cost or age or anything, taste is the only thing that matters in this case)? I think, for no particular reason, that I've had very little HH to date - so I'm looking look forward to your informed opinions.

essentially, I'd like to find the very best/tasty example HH's "essence"...