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Thread: Ezra Brooks?

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    Ezra Brooks?

    I know it's been discussed, but i was wondering what you all thought about ezra brooks? I was getting evan williams but now i've switched to ezra brooks as my every day bourbon. Its really tasty and very inexpensive. Great bargain. And i also am a huge fan of old ezra, their upper brand thats 101 proof, which costs as much as a liter of ezra brooks for a fifth, still inexpensive and a great bourbon, just wondering what you thought of it. I feel like i've found a great secret.

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    Re: Ezra Brooks?

    I'm very fond of the Old Ezra 101, and the regular Ezra is component in my mingled straight whiskey recipe.
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    Re: Ezra Brooks?

    Ezra seems to be popular in Mansfield, Ohio. I haven't had a bottle in ages. Presumably, it is Heaven Hill whiskey.

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    Re: Ezra Brooks?

    Quote Originally Posted by cowdery View Post
    Ezra seems to be popular in Mansfield, Ohio. I haven't had a bottle in ages. Presumably, it is Heaven Hill whiskey.
    Seems like I've seen it at the Party Source but can't say I've tried it.
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    Re: Ezra Brooks?

    I think it is a good everyday bourbon, especially since, unlike Heaven Hill, they chose to leave it at 90 proof. I replaced Evan Williams with this stuff when Evan went to 86 proof. Now it's 80 proof.
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    Re: Ezra Brooks?

    Quote Originally Posted by BourbonJoe View Post
    I replaced Evan Williams with this stuff when Evan went to 86 proof. Now it's 80 proof.
    Evan Williams black label is now 80 proof?
    Since when?

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    Thumbs up Re: Ezra Brooks?

    I agree with you 100%, DJ. I have said here many times that the Ezra 90, and particularly the Old Ezra 101 7 yr, may be the most underappreciated, but tastiest "value" bourbons on the market. I think they're terrific. The 90 is about $16 for a 1.75 around here. The 101 around $14 for a 750.

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    Re: Ezra Brooks?

    I poured a few onces of the 90 proof last night so I could remember what it was about. Not bad it was pretty hot for a 90 proof but all around good. At 11.50 for a 750ml it is a great value but I would put EW ahead of it
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    Re: Ezra Brooks?

    Yea, i'm a big fan. EW is good,, but i enjoy the higher proof plus a 750ml bottle of old ezra (101 proof) is only $13 some dollars. I will say i do enjoy eligja criag better even than old ezra, but it's about 20 bucks for a fifth so, i usually get old ezra.

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    Re: Ezra Brooks?

    I just picked up a 750 ml bottle of 101 proof Old Ezra -Rare Old sippin' whiskey aged 12 years - genuine sour mash - Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey...
    Bottled by Ezra Brooks Distilling Co.
    St Louis, Mo

    The propaganda on the side label sez "blah, blah, ... so sippin' smooth you know it could come only from the folks at Kentucky's Finest Little Distillery.

    There's no bar code anywhere on the bottle. There were a couple more in the shop, and the one I picked up first also said St Louis, but it was a 70 cl. bottle. I didn't notice whether or not it had a bar code. It was literally dusty, but so is nearly everything else in that little shop.

    The attached pic is from an internet vendor. Looks the same as mine, but I can't read the "St Louis" small print line on the pic.

    Anybody know what's up with that? Distilled and aged in Kentucky (where?), but shipped to St. Louis for bottling? Or what?

    Could this be the same whiskey my old girlfriend had in a wooden Old Ezra box 30 years ago?

    Aw hell, I'll crack it. ...

    color/appearance: whiskey brown, on the darker side. Long thin legs forming from tiny pearls dropping at even intervals.
    nose: sweet, maple syrup?, no butterscotch, blackberry bismarck pastry, a little eucalyptus maybe?
    taste: very nice, smooth and clean, not as sweet as the nose suggested, vanilla, nutmeg, old leather. Substantial, but not heavy in a negative sense at all.
    finish: long, but clean, not cloying
    balance: excellent, as far as I can tell. I mean me and this whiskey are in harmony.

    (This was my first description of a bourbon. After my first draft, I edited relying on the tasting notes in Ch. 17 of Col. Charles K. Cowdery's Bourbon Straight - The Uncut and Unfiltered Story of American Whiskey. Thanks, Chuck! Hope it's reasonably on target.)

    At the current exchange rate, I paid ¥2640 about ...$28 US for it (about $5 cheaper than my usually cheapest internet source). A little pricey for my cheap ass, but I'll probably buy another for the bunker anyway, Missouri bourbon, or not.
    Peace, ... and Hippy Love.



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