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Thread: Ezra Brooks?

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    Re: Ezra Brooks?

    Quote Originally Posted by OscarV View Post
    Evan Williams black label is now 80 proof?
    Since when?
    I've only seen the 80 proof green label here. Black is still 86.

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    Re: Ezra Brooks?

    Only EB I've ever had is Old Ezra B, 15yo, 99pf. The one bottle I've greatly enjoyed is currently half-empty and I pour a sip on special occasions only about once or twice a year. It is that good IMHO and something I dread seeing go to an empty someday. Been on the lookout for another for a few years now. All current production is now 12yo which I've read somewhere here is not in same ballpark......maybe i'll give the 101 a try one of these days.

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    Re: Ezra Brooks?

    in TN... geez I didn't check Mcsrooge's but at my local store its fourteen bucks for a fifth of the 90 proof and u know its pretty good stuff..... I really have no complaints... I had a half bottle on Christmas and a half bottle on New Years Eve and it was just right..... love that stuff.... now I am sampling higher ender stuff but thing is Ezra is darn good and nothing to complain about at all... Whiskey costs a lot in TN... bibles r cheap?



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