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    What's for dinner?

    Doing a lot more cooking for myself these days, now that I have an outdoor grill, a patio, and a larger, more serviceable kitchen. I've always been a decent cook, just haven't had a decent cooking location for quite a few years. I'm working my way back into it.
    Tonight, I prepared a 1-1/2-inch ribeye (marinaded in Red Hood pale ale and generic seasoned salt) Tuscan style -- braised in the skillet on the cooktop, then baked at broiling temperature (550 degrees -- but not with the broiler going) several minutes per side. I topped it for about 60 seconds with some American cheese and thin slices of store-brand deli ham (prosciutto would have been nice, but too much expense for 'dinner for one').The thickness precluded cooking (without blackening the outside) much beyond medium rare, but I found the edges of the 22-ouncer perfect, and I set the thicker, middle half aside for a leftovers lunch tomorrow or Saturday. Dining alone, I kept it pretty simple, simmering a can of pork-and-beans, and buttering some bread along with about a half-bottle of inexpensive-but-well-valued 2005 Delicato California shiraz.
    All in all, I enjoyed it enough that it inspired an after-dinner pour of 2008 Eagle Rare 17yo, which I'm enjoying in a 10-oz. brandy snifter. The woody sweetness is about perfect.

    Please follow up here with home-cooked fixin's, to give me ideas -- of both what I can and can't do!

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    Re: What's for dinner?

    Dang, you're enjoying good things down there in Dixie. Made me hungry.
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    Re: What's for dinner?

    A couple of nights ago, Jen & I cooked up some home made pizza. We cheated and used Pita Bread as the base, then added Onion Marmalade instead of sauce, and topped it with shaved butternut pumpkin and slices of haloumi cheese. They went into a hot oven for 10-15 minutes and were finished with a handfull of rocket on top of each pizza as theuy came out of the oven.

    I drank a bourbon and coke with the pizza (Jen had water), and we both finished off the meal with a generous pour of some White Liqueur Muscat.

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    Re: What's for dinner?

    Beef, beans and bourbon.

    I cooked some beef short ribs in the crock-pot with some sweat Baby Ray' BBQ sauce, then tonight I added a can of chili beans and a splash of ORVW 10 year 107.

    Its just about ready. Its nice and thick and the meat is fall apart tender. Its sort of a mild mostly meat chili with a BBQ and bourbony edge.
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    Re: What's for dinner?

    I am grilling up some Copper River Salmon. Personally I cannot tell the difference between Copper River and other Sockeye but I love Salmon so its all good. Going to grill some corn as well.


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    Re: What's for dinner?

    Another cold and rainy summer day in chicago. Tonight I will be making Baked Bacon Mac and Cheese. 4 to 5 different cheeses, some pasta, eggs, butter, a secret ingredient, and some bacon. Soul/ comfort food.

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    Re: What's for dinner?

    Quote Originally Posted by T47 View Post
    I am grilling up some Copper River Salmon. Personally I cannot tell the difference between Copper River and other Sockeye but I love Salmon so its all good. Going to grill some corn as well.

    I purchased some Copper River salmon here in Houston at Costco last week. I was surprised to see this down here and did miss this from my from Seattle days. Grilled it on a cedar plank with some Tom Douglas Etta's salmon rub (brown sugar base with assorted spices). Super easy to cook this way.

    The Copper River salmon are intense in red color from the krill on which they feed. I think it does taste different or at least compared to the artificially colored farm raised salmon that is usually available here. What back yesterday to Costco and no more available.

    I'm making a batch of Coconut Ceviche right now for a wedding shower Trina & I are attending tomorrow. Every time I make this for a group, I get bombarded with recipe requests. I don't usually go by direct recipes, but this one I finally wrote this one down. Attached.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Coconut Ceviche.pdf  

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    Re: What's for dinner?

    Confessions: I don't care for Papa John's commercial pizza, because it's too sweet for my tastes. And Cam and Jen's marmalade and pumpkin pizza harken it to mind.
    Nor do I care for salmon, so Todd and Wade's Copper River reminiscences about it aren't going to make me run out and buy some.
    However, that doesn't mean I don't appreciate and value their contributions here, because I DO: the preparations and executions put ideas in my head toward applying to things I DO enjoy, and I can adapt their experimentations and recommendations to my own uses.
    So, keep it coming, folks -- this is EXACTLY what I'm seeking with this thread...

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    Re: What's for dinner?

    Buy a smoker and make some ribs like I made today:



    Basic Kansas City rub, 5 hours at about 240 degrees over charcoal and a few chunks of applewood, baste with apple juice when you lift the lid to check for tenderness.

    Add in a simple cabbage slaw with a bunch of chopped cilantro tossed in for aroma and baked beans and you're eating like a king.
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    Re: What's for dinner?

    My wife and I made pita pizzas. The pita bread was homemade (and excellent on its own) then we crafted a variety of different pies - mostly with local products. We had BBQ Chicken, Veggie, Pepper (all sorts of peppers), Meat lovers. It was excellent, easy to make, and a blast to cook together.
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