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I guess my feelings toward the VW's are similar to yours toward the Turkeys. I like them, and the quality shows, but I've had ORVW 90, 107, Lot B, PVW 20 & 23, and I still think the Weller 12 is better than any of them, although the 107 is close to being on par with it. They're all good, but I've never been wow'd.
Josh, I love me some Turkey . . . I didn't mean to insinuate otherwise.

As far as VWs are concerned, I think we probably have very similar opinions . . . I've gone on record as saying I hadn't met a VW that I loved. I liked the OWA 7/107 better than the ORVW 10/107 by a long shot (I'm really interested to give this one another try, though), the PVW20 is damn good but not worth the price, the PVW23 is just nasty, I haven't had the 15 yet, but the Lot 'B' . . . wow. I will say that (going back to my leader/follower theory) I always use OWA as a prelude to the Lot 'B' . . . after the OWA has gone down, a pour of Lot 'B' is next to amazing.

Also, the VW Rye is outta sight!

I have only had one tiny taste of the Weller 12, so I can't comment -- I thought it stood its ground against Weller Centennial, though . . . my cousin is hopefully brining me 2 Weller 12s this weekend from Boston, so if she comes through, I'm interested to see how it stacks up . . .

just my two cents, but I say remember the leader/follower thing . . . it has changed my mind significantly a few times.