The Pure Glass by Mason du Whisky of France

I have been wanting to get my hands on the Pure Glass ever since I learned of them. They are georgous! If you've never heard of them or seen them then go here

There are three sizes of this wonderful design; a 33cl (that's 330ml for those of us that are 'metricly challanged') and a 17cl (170ml), and there is a new addition of a 'baby' pure (shot)glass at 6cl (60ml). I just had to have them all, and they only come in pairs. At 30 Euros (roughly $30, but who knows what exchange rate I'll end up with!?) a pair they aren't cheap. Also if there is a way to make something much more difficult than it really needs to be just leave it to the French. You can't just order them online Nooooooooooooo! That would be much too easy. You've got to e-mail them and then after explaining what I wanted about six times they finially charged me an outragous fee of 45 Euros just for shipping to the U.S.A. Also if you're an American then you must be rich so they charge you extra for that as the price quoted on their website is for Europeans only. Americans must pay more. So I got a pair of glasses in each size shipped to my front door for the low low price of only 140 Euros! Or just 23 and a third Euros per pure glass. Well f**k me frenchy!

The pure glasses finally arrived and I love them! They are designed after a pear shaped pot still. The bases are heavy, but not cumbersome, and the glass is thiner at the lip than it is at the bottom. What I like best about the pure glass is that it's stemless. That's right! No sissy assed stem to break. The large size fits perfectly in the palm of my hand and is an excellent rocks glass. Snifters look so stupid with ice in them - well fear not - the pure glass looks great with ice in it.

The BIG deal with the Pure Glass is it's shape. It noses just as well as any nosing glass (which in turn are lousey drinkers) and drinks just as well as any snifter. I'm very happy to have them and they have become my hands down favorite whiskey glass. The smaller 170ml size is perfect for neat sipping, while the baby 60ml size is perfect for my shotglass collection therefore making it perfect for my famous 'shotglass test'.

The Pure Glass is the perfect glass and is the very best whiskey glass I've ever tried.