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    Greetings from OH

    Greetings from just north of the Ohio....Made a fantastic journey across the border a few weeks ago and stocked my bunker with a few tantamount bottles.

    ~12yr lot b
    ~08 gts -- lucky on that one!
    ~ec 18
    ~phc 129.6

    Love the lot b...nice nutty nose, smooth honey/vanilla palette, long vanilla finish

    Stagg has to be my new fav....Very pronounced mint nose, a strong buttery coating (and I mean coating!!!) of caramel and toffee on the pallete , with a very long spicy leather finish. Absolutely love it!!!

    Im looking forward to comparing notes with the sb folks and looking forward to tasting a dram or two at the 09 kbf


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    Re: Greetings from OH

    Welcome, and happy Fourth.

    I envy your at home selection.

    Are you originally from the Indy area?
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    Re: Greetings from OH

    Hi Josh Welcome aboard, your spending all your time in the top shelf That's costing you a lot of money and a lot of education. Don't get me wrong I like like a top shelf bourbon from time to time myself. But you can't live there unless you have won the lottery and still you lose out on the experience. Try some lower shelves some EW BL ,BT, WT 101, MM, OWA, ERSB I could go on and on. Read the forums. I'm not trying to turn you off to the site read the site ask questions. Come to chat on Sunday and Thursday nights.

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    Re: Greetings from OH

    Welcome to SB Josh. How long have you been into bourbon? You said the purchases you made were destined for the bunker, so I assume you've been at it for at least a little while.

    Like Paul said, you've got some good top shelf stuff there, but you need to try some lower and mid shelf stuff in order to appreciate the whole bourbon experience. There are some very good bourbons out there that are relatively inexpensive.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy it here. I have welcomed many new members with these words; It's all about good people, good times and good bourbon. Cheers, Joe
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    Re: Greetings from OH

    Hey Fellas!

    Ive been a closet enthusiast for some time and lurker on this site for a couple of years....

    I did start with the lower and mid tier offerings awhile back and my regular house pour has been ewsb--good stuff and easy on the bank account...

    On my recent trip across the border I decided to lay down some cash for the top shelf, much to the chagrin of my supervisor(wife)!, but rationalized it somehow with my happiness, etc, etc...

    I know pricier bottles dont mean better taste, although taste throughout the alcohol spectrum is subjective and with most americans, myself included, we tend to think the more expensive the better...obviously this is far from the truth!

    I am stocking my small bunker, but I'm cracking my purchases and if it suits me, I'll begin to stockpile....

    Look forward to future tastings with anyone in my neck of the woods and hope all had a safe, bourbon infused, 4th!!!

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    Re: Greetings from OH

    I use to drink a lot of WT101 at the Alley Cat in Broadripple.

    I miss Indy. Cheers to you and yr awesome new haul of top-shelfers.

    now sippin': EWB alternating with OFBiB and wishing for some WTRB... heh...
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