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Unfortunately, under U.S. rules you can't call spirit made from sorghum cane juice "rum," which the rules state must be from sugar cane. Phil Prichard in Tennessee has complained about this. He makes rum from molasses and would like to make it from Tennessee sorghum too, but would have to call it a 'spirit specialty,' as there is no specific category for spirits made from sorghum.

I know the Chinese make something they call whiskey from sorghum but I don't know if they use the grain or the juice. If fact, I don't know if I've ever heard about sorghum grain being used, although sorghum is considered a potential feedstock for fuel ethanol production.
I live in Madison, WI, and a local distiller who has been operating for about a year has made a spirit that he is calling whiskey. Sorghum whiskey, actually. When he first told me this, I thought back to what I'd read in the U.S. TTB regulations and thought that his spirit wouldn't be allowed to be called whiskey. I didn't tell him this, since causing a stir doesn't really do anyone much good.

Take a look at his webpage that hints at his upcoming sorghum whiskey. Anyone think he's going to get in trouble if he labels it as whiskey? Or do you think that his label just won't get approved? I've heard from local beer brewers that getting a label approved can be rough, so I figured the same may be true for distillers bottling spirits.


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