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    Re: Bourbon-cheese Pairings

    I always enjoy a little Tobermory, with my Isle of Mull cheddar from Neals Yard. Granted, it's not bourbon, but still real nice. The cows are fed the spent grains from the distillery. Plus...I do enjoy cheddar with whisky, and whiskey. The mull has enough stink going on to keep up with our beloved spirit.

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    Re: Bourbon-cheese Pairings

    Quote Originally Posted by Sin View Post
    While I don't mind spicy cheddar on a ham sandwich, or something similar, it doesn't sound like a good pairing with bourbon, though.
    Maybe it's just me, but I like how the bourbon flavors merge with the bite of a spicy cheese - or a sharp cheese for that matter. In fact, I find that bourbon enhances the flavors of spicy foods in general, and vice versa.



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