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    re-New from Wisconsin

    As you can see I've been a member for a few years but not at all active for a long time. I'll be sure to check back more often!

    I was a newbie then, I still consider myself quite the noob even now. I don't embibe often so I haven't tried too many different things. And it can be difficult to get a good handle on things when there are long gaps between tastings. Too often, my habit is to compare a new product with the last one I just had, rather than being truly objective.

    My favorites lately are Rare Breed (I like strong), Evan Williams SB (much complex flavor) JD Single Barrel... but no matter how many I try, I can't fall out of love with Jim Beam Sour Mash Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

    There's one nagging problem I've been unable to solve. When I first pour into the glass, I get a bit of a smell that's like fingernail polish. This is with any whiskey I pour. After it airs out a bit, the polish smell goes away and I smell only the whiskey.

    I've had a few different theories. For a long time, the only place to store my liquor was on a high open shelf in the kitchen. I've learned this isn't smart. Its not too far from the stove and I'm sure it gets hot-then-cool. I've moved the storage area to a much better place.

    My wife washes everything in a dish washer, so I bought a few glasses that are not allowed in there. All that ever touches them is liquor and cool or lukewarm tap water, not softened water.

    But then I realized I dry them with a towel... maybe detergent, or dryer sheet wax? Switched to paper towels for a while, but as of now only air dry.

    I've elimanated everything except liquor, water, ice, air and my lips. The problem persists. My last guess is that its the glass itself. Its a set of four tumblers from a department store. I love the size/shape/weight. They don't feel obviously cheap, but they were a really good price.

    Is it just bad glass?

    The extent of the problem is that I have to plan ahead by about 10 minutes. The wait is shortened if I twirl the drink around a few times.

    I wondered if I just got used to the smell and didn't notice it, or if the smell really goes away after a few minutes. So my wife has helped me out. She will pour, then smell, and she can smell it. I go nowhere near it for a good 20 minutes. When I approach the glass I don't smell the polish smell at all.

    What's odd is that our everyday glasses, when used for whiskey, don't get the fingernail polish smell at all. But these constantly go into the dishwasher, which I don't like with whiskey for other yucky tastes.

    Any ideas?
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