Hi, Iím new here and wanted to introduce myself. Iíve been drinking Bourbon for about 10years now, but have just recently (over the last year or two) really come to appreciate the finer bourbons, the taste not the history, that has always intrigued me. My wife and I toured the Bourbon Trail for our honeymoon, and got to try some great bourbon and see some fascinating country. We hit all the major distilleries, and a couple wineries along the way, we took in some of the local eateries, most notably the Old Talbert Tavern, and My Old Kentucky Dinner Train in Bardstown. Of the bourbons my favorite drink was always Makerís Mark, however, after the trail, it is still up top, but the Four Roses Small batch tops the list, in almost a dead heat with the Elijah Craig 18yo. The trip to Makerís Mark, was probably my favorite, with Woodford Reserve, being the next favorite.
We even had to have our pastor that preformed our wedding, and his wife over when we got back for a privet tasting, and to share our experience with them, as they wanted to take their two collage age boys on the Bourbon trail some time this year.