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    Brown-Forman Cooperage

    I tried to put this in the "Industry News" area but was not allowed.
    This is the next best area.

    I read on the Chuck Cowdery Blog that Brown-Forman is now offering tours at their barrel making operation.
    This is really different compared to Independent Stave. They seem secretive from what I hear.

    But anyway below is a thumbnail of a PR photo that I snatached from Chuck's blog.
    It shows four new barrels with different logos of the bourbons they produce.
    I have a question.
    Why do they have the Early Times logo on a brand new barrel?
    Shouldn't they have that logo stenciled over an Old Forester logo on a used barrel?
    And what about that Canaian Mist?
    They don't use new barrels, do they?
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