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    Re: Brown-Forman Cooperage

    Picked up a bottle of ET today out of curiosity. It tastes, no surprise, like bourbon. It is light, but that is mostly owing to its proof, I think. It's clearly got young whiskey in it, but interestingly, corn oil is balanced by a rye snappiness that I've gotten in some of the better Canadian whiskeys I've had (read: Lot 40). It has excellent balance and a good creme brulee thing going from light char and vanilla it has picked up in the barrel. I believe it will do well as a "display" whiskey in vattings, and it will be excellent mixed with Coke or consumed, as I had hoped when I bought it, in a session while watching football. Nothing to contemplate too deeply, but much better than most things in its price/proof range, at least among whiskeys available here.


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    Re: Brown-Forman Cooperage

    Joan and I took the cooperage tour last Friday. Just the two of us and the general manager. Fascinating and highly-recommended for those of you who haven't had the chance to see a working cooperage.
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