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    Old Forester Signature: getting even better?

    When I was down in the holy land for the Sampler last April, I took the opportunity to buy 1.75 l bottles of some of my favorite everyday pours. I got Four Roses, VOB 90 & Old Forester Signature.

    It took me a while to get to the OFS but now that it's open, I'm really kind of blown away. I remember liking it when I last got it, but it seems like it is even better than it was then. The Old Forester BiB I have which I used to be crazy about has faded in comparison (although I still think it's great).

    It seems much richer than I remember. Lots of brown sugar, figs, dates, clove and allspice. I almost feel like I need to check the bottle to make sure I'm not drinking the Birthday Bourbon instead.

    Anybody else have this experience?
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