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    Thoughts on my visit to WR & BT....

    On Friday, my supervisor, ie wife, gave me the day and eve off, and made a quick roadtrip from southwest OH, which turned into an eventful day starting at the WR distillery.
    Loved the setting--1 1/2 lane road through the thoroughbred farms to a hamlet nestled in the wooded knolls. This place just eschews history and was very easy to take myself back over 100 yrs when Mr. Crow was figuring it all out. Loved the close up tour with my fave portion in the warehouse, where the sweet smell of the angels share envelopes you!

    Moved on toward the BT distillery, but being a cyclist, had to say howdy to the folks at Capital Cycles. As in the ongoing search for dusties, I always stop in to the local bike shop to see what I cant live without. Wish I could have stayed for the local mtb race on sunday. I ride best on a bellyful of bouron juice!

    Drove around historic Frankfort for a few before my scheduled HH tour. After arriving, the guide, Don, talked me out of the HH since the distillery is shut down until the fall. Fine, I'll be in the vicintiy for the KBF. Enjoyed the regular tour, especially enjoying the bottling aspect, where Blantons was on the line. A palatte of BTAC Handy was spotted ready to ship, although I wasnt able to talk anyone into a bottle or case --see photo!

    In the BT shop I had a taste with the tour group who were a lot of fun. Started with a bit of BT & ER. From there had a taste of the BT cream liqueur, which I just happen to be enjoying with my caffein this morning. AND finished off with a taste of the White Dog! The nose is like corn on the cob on the grill and on the tongue is X 10. Walked out with 2 bottles of the cream liqueur and white dog each!

    From there I had three establishments to visit and found the JTS BIB and a Pappy 15. The last establishment, Capital Cellars, ended up being my final destination, and happily so. Within 5 minutes of the Capital Plaza Hotel, this was a diamond in the rough of a find. Bourbon and wine bar galore, which ended up as six hour tasting session. BTAC Saz & WLW, Rock Hill, Willett SB, and quite a few in between. Still recovering.......

    By the way, I was lucky enough to find two ETL's, signed by the gent himself in June. And as the eve played out at CC, I met and enjoyed the locals, one of which had worked at BT for over a decade, which ended up in a personal invite to the Old Taylor party in late July Im hoping meet Elmer in the process and am looking forward to my next foray into bourbon country in a few days!.

    I'll post more notes, when and if my memory serves.
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