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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Denying the Angels share....


    August 2008

    "Diageo......Apparently the world's largest distiller has been carrying out secret tests over a period of five years, monitoring casks encased in clingwrap compared to those left uncovered. The results have been remarkable, with savings of up to 50 litres of spirit per cask projected over a ten year period. If 20,000 casks were treated in this manner it would produce annual savings of 1 million per annum. There are clearly questions to be answered regarding the chemical effects of this practice on maturation, which has long been thought to require casks to 'breathe' in order to achieve optimum results."

    Hmmmm....I wonder if the experiment led to increased use or if the product was determined to be of less quality as a result.
    This isn't the first time that someone has tried to cover the barrels with a substance to reduce the angel's share. I can remember experiments from 20 to 30 years ago where everything from cling wrap to liquid teflon was used to coat the exterior fo the barrels. The idea, if I remember correctly, was to allow some air migration but to cut down the vapor/liquid migration ... that's why semi-porous materials were chosen.

    From strictly a chemical engineering perspective, the angel's share can, in fact, be limited or eliminated in this maner.... resulting in substantially more product for sale. The problem is that the angel's share mechanism actually contributes to the taste profile of the product. If the liquid does not move freely in and through the wood, the wood chemical extraction process will not be complete ... and the product will have less wood character ... not to mention less esters as well. I'm pretty sure that is what was concluded from the tests back then ... and that's why no one is currently using this type of process.

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    Re: Angels share >

    That is what I thought....but the bean counters sometimes rule the company!
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    Re: Angels share >

    Quote Originally Posted by nor02lei View Post
    This is what I call high evaporation!



    [About half of the contents is left in the barrel after 5 years.]
    WHOA!!! They must have some acute temps!

    It is no secret that I love that elixir of the gods, bourbon.



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