I've been in Europe on academic business since the first week in June. I am just getting back to the USA and have to report that I have been dying to get a big belt of Bourbon all summer.

I decided not to drink anything I would normally drink while outside of the USA. I wanted to try new things even if by force. As a result I drank plenty of fantastic German beer (1-2 liters a day) some great German wine and apfelwine, as well as a few bottles of Havana Club rum, a whole lot of Polish Wodka (Absolwent) but I just could not get the urge to drink Bourbon out of my mind. Damn, I missed that smell of fermented corn greeting me as I raised a glass. Just as soon as I got home I went straight for the Bourbon and poured a large glass of the first bottle to hit my hand....Jim Beam dark! It's great to be home!