After ten years of being told I shouldn't drink while on my medication, I find that not only am I allowed, but that a drink a day is good for me (So far, I'm up to October 17th, 2019 - evil grin), and without interferring with the medication.

So I set out to try some of the good stuff that I've been missing.

I REALLY like the Knob Hill and it's leathery, sour flavors. The Bookers 125 is not bad. I'm not impressed with Maker's Mark (aside from the really light body, it has a screw cap, and the bottle goes 'glug' when you pour...).

I am also very fond of Midleton Very Rare Irish, and MacAllan 18-YO scotch. I discovered that I am not at all impressed with Remy Martin cognac.

At a drink a day, it will likely take me a long time to work through all those bottles...

Mark Edwards