Hey all. I have been snooping around here for a few months, and finally decided to join. I live in Seattle, but am originally from Michigan. I got into drinking bourbons about a year ago. It seems to have overtaken my beer obsession that has lead me all over Europe. So it will be interesting to see where this bourbon obsession takes me. I do not think I can make the KBF this year due to military obligations, but maybe someone who is can pick some rare stuff up for me I travel for work almost weekly, so I get to see what is out there. Unfortunately, it is mostly on the west coast.

I currently have 27 different bourbons in my collection. Some of the more interesting ones are:

Eagle Rare 17 2007
The Classic Cask 15 yr 1995 bottling
Vintage 17
Pappy 10 and 12
Parker Heritage

So far, I have a lot of favorites, but seem to lean towards wheated bourbons. Pappy 10 year being my current favorite pour. I just placed an order for the Willett 12, 13 and 5 year, and a bottle of the ER 17 2008. I am excited to do a side by side with the 2007 and 2008 ER. I am constantly looking for the rest of the BTAC bourbons.

I am looking forward to contributing where I can to the forums and especially looking forward to hearing breaking news about new bottlings and finds in Washington. So again, Hi all.