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    Re: Bourbon and ice cream?

    Valentine's is still available.

    Flavors and descriptions listed on the website:

    Kentucky Bourbon Ball
    Fine Kentucky bourbon, pecans and Jamieson's chocolate chips

    Kentucky Bourbon Chocolate
    Fine Kentucky bourbon and rich chocolate ice cream

    Kentucky Mint Julep
    Fine Kentucky bourbon, fresh mint and Jamieson's chocolate chips

    Kentucky Bourbon Vanilla
    Fine Kentucky bourbon and pure vanilla

    Manhattan Cherry Cordial
    Fine Kentucky bourbon, Sweet Vermouth and Maraschino cherries

    New flavors available:
    Bourbon-Indonesian Vanilla
    Bourbon-Indonesian Vanilla Bean

    Several other local gormet ice cream companies offer special runs made with your favorite bourbon.
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    Re: Bourbon and ice cream?

    I've poured some bourbon over vanilla ice cream and sprinkled a tad bit of instant coffee on top...not bad IMO.


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    Re: Bourbon and ice cream?

    If you really look at a recipe for eggnog, it's really just liquid ice cream with booze in it...



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