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I suppose it depends on what a person is used to paying for what they drink.
In Australia, we pay about $30 AU (approx $25 US) for a 700ml bottle of Jim Beam White that is bottled at 37%. Makers is usually $40 - $45 and Bookers is regularly $80 - $90 a bottle. Blantons Special Reserve was released about 18 months ago and hit our shelves at $59 for a 700ml bottle. Van Winkle is sold by two stores for the whole of Australia. I just paid $125 a bottle for Van Winkle Lot B which was the cheapest price I could find. The cheapest "quality" bourbon I can but is a Heaven Hill product called Nelson County which is usually on special for about $24 a bottle.

So to me, when travelling in the USA, paying $50 for a bottle of Vintage Bourbon (17yo) or $100 for a Van Winkle 20yo is not expensive.