the neck label states "limited edition kentucky corn whiskey", and the main label posts "kentucky straight corn whiskey".

90 proof, no age statement. priced $24.99 at binny's in algonquin, IL.

other interesting label stuff: "bottled by hirsch distillers- weston, missouri". that makes it bottled at the old mccormick plant. platte valley corn whisky, anybody?

back label is quite rambling, way too much to replicate here.

what's it taste like?

it's corn whiskey. straw yellow, so i'll assume a little time in reused cooperage. after about ten minutes breathing time in a scotch thistle tasting glass, let's see.....

smells like a lighter version of mellow corn. could this have been distilled at HH?

tastes "corny"; a lot like present-day mellow corn. maybe not as oily in mouthfeel, though.

goes down smoothly enough. though i prefer the virginia lightning i bought along with it. but that's just me.

anybody else had this stuff yet? no... it's not the 20 year old version.

jim kube