Hey, guys (and/or gals), newbie here, new to the board, semi-new to enjoying bourbon. Been reading some stuff here, and decided to register. Very informative site.

I'm a bit of a bargain hunter, so I've been drinking the bottom shelf stuff, Ancient Age, Evan Williams, etc. I used to drink bourbon and "blended whiskey" (think Kessler) when I was younger, and decided to try it again. No Kessler this time, though.

Last time I went to Bevmo, I picked up some Ancient Age again ($7.99 a fifth) and found that Old Forester Signature was on sale for $15.99. Had to try it. Really awesome stuff IMO. And being 100 proof, it'll knock you on your can pretty quick if you're not careful. But you guys know that.

I also tried some Old Crow and found it to be utterly vile. I mean, it tastes like it has whiskey in it, but it also tastes like it has maybe some topsoil in there, too.

I look forward to trying some BOTM's and just generally reading the posts here.