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    n00b from the left coast

    Hey, guys (and/or gals), newbie here, new to the board, semi-new to enjoying bourbon. Been reading some stuff here, and decided to register. Very informative site.

    I'm a bit of a bargain hunter, so I've been drinking the bottom shelf stuff, Ancient Age, Evan Williams, etc. I used to drink bourbon and "blended whiskey" (think Kessler) when I was younger, and decided to try it again. No Kessler this time, though.

    Last time I went to Bevmo, I picked up some Ancient Age again ($7.99 a fifth) and found that Old Forester Signature was on sale for $15.99. Had to try it. Really awesome stuff IMO. And being 100 proof, it'll knock you on your can pretty quick if you're not careful. But you guys know that.

    I also tried some Old Crow and found it to be utterly vile. I mean, it tastes like it has whiskey in it, but it also tastes like it has maybe some topsoil in there, too.

    I look forward to trying some BOTM's and just generally reading the posts here.

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    Re: n00b from the left coast

    Welcome. We have a few west coasters here. Where are you?

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    Re: n00b from the left coast

    Welcome to SB Stelth. You've come to the right place if you want to learn more about bourbon. There's lots of info here, and people willing to share it. Hope you enjoy it here. Cheers. Joe
    " I never met a Weller I didn't like"

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    Re: n00b from the left coast

    SoCal! Get in touch.
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