So, I've been doing my research in looking for good bourbons to try. In particular, Sijan's (Dan's) thread has been very helpful to me!

Anyway, some of his top recommendations (and recommendations of Wine Enthusiast, Beverage Tasting Institute, and others) seem to get very low ratings on this whiskey rating site:

In particular, look at a brand like Wild Turkey 101. (From what I understand, this is an archetypal bourbon.)
Wine Enthusiast: 92
Beverage Tasting Institute: 89
Practical Whisky: 65

Two more for illustration:
Bourbon (WE Score) [BTI Score] {PW Score}
Old Forester (86) [88] {61}
Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 1998 (90-95) [94] {59}

So does this guy just not know bourbon? He seems to like ERSB a lot (giving it a 90)...

Also, if you're still reading, I'm going to try my bourbons in this order. Any suggestions for changes/additions?
OFS, OGD BiB, OWA, WT101, EWSB, (ETL maybe), ERSB