Firstly, I tried the OFS last night. My first pour didn't really excite me. The nose had a lot of alcohol, and it burned. But as I let it sit a bit (and moved onto my second pour), I really warmed up to it. I think I could get used to this stuff! The way it first hits your mouth with that slap of sweet is orgasmic!

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what was your preference when it came to scotches?
Thank you for the long reply!

I was thinking that OWA should be good. (MM is the same price around here.)

I will check out Corner Creek Reserve. It looks right in my price range. (I'm hoping to make this entire flight for around $100.)

Macallan 12 was my daily pour. Though I could get Macallan 18 at Trader Joe's for less sometimes! (Not anymore though.) I must admit that I didn't try many of the more expensive (or any of the really peaty, i.e. Laphroaig) brands.

I just gave the Practical site a good look and it seems clearly tilted towards Scotch, even stinky Scotch scores higher than most Bourbon.
This was exactly my impression and exactly the type of reply for which I was looking. (I just didn't want to coerce it out of someone.) Thanks for that!