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Well, I'll provide what tasting notes I can. I'm not very good at pinpointing tastes though and putting them into words.

For example, I like to drink really nice coffee, and I can appreciate a good coffee (maybe even pinpointing some of the aromas/tastes). But I'm no taster; those guys identify smells/tastes that I still can't find after months of drinking the stuff. If that makes sense.

As a wheated bourbon fan, do you think OWA will do wheated bourbons justice? (Can't get WLW12 here.)
I'm a wheater fan and Scotch triggers my gag reflex- literally. It smells and tastes to me like moldy bread mixed with green Chloraseptic.

I love bourbon and have only had a couple I couldn't stand (EC 12 aka liquified dust and -not-Very Special Old Fitgerand). Wellers 107 (OWA) is my favorite overall. If I were on a desert island and could take a lifetime supply of any bourbon with me, it would be SW OWA.

So, if you like Scotch, you'll probably hate it