Moving onto the Old Weller Antique tonight. I'm excited!

I really liked the OFS and OGD BIB. The OFS is the kinder and sweeter of the two. When I first tried the OGD BIB, I finally understood what you meant by an "in your face" bourbon. It's great, but it's intense.

Over the weekend, I tried a Sazerac (with Obsello, a Spanish absinthe). I have to say that this is one of my favorite cocktails! I'm not a big fan of the black licorice taste on its own (e.g. Sambuca, Absinthe, Herbsaint).

But combined with the Old Fashioned (and the citrus from the lemon peel on the entry), this cocktail is orgasmic and highly recommended to anyone! (Technically, it should be made with Rye whiskey, but I'm sure some people will tell me that I've blasphemed either way. )