In the first edition , my Grandfather ( Shorty Snellen) is pictured on Page 103 This book is mostly Brown an the cover. The same picture is further up in the 2nd edition which has a lot of green on the cover. I think it's a wonderful book , somewhat textbook at times , but you don't get this information anywhere alse. Some have said he relies too much on work by H. Whit Coyte , and some of it is unsubstantiated. I met him and Bettye Jo talks to him frequently . Great guy, VP at Makers for 25 years . See also what he says about Bluegrass, Belles and Bourbon. Another good book albeit Inaccurate at times. I gave myself But Always Fine Bourbon, 2 years ago for Christmas and this Year Nothing Better in The Market.
As far as my limited experience shows me , Sam may misstate something ( I have no examples But rather mean this in the way that we all can get mixed up on the facts from time to time) . I don't think he is trying to Whitewash , or Fabricate anything as pretaining to Bourbon. For me , I will believe , rather than disbelieve, his account until I find elsewhere that something else may be the case.