Hello Everyone,

I've been a lurker for awhile and decided it was time to register and introduce myself. I'm Don from northeast Ohio, and have been a long time Maker's Mark fan. Prior to finding Maker's Mark, I was mostly a Jim Beam drinker. Thanks to the information on this site I've starting branching out a bit and am just starting to discover some of the great bourbons out there. So far, two that I've enjoyed recently were the W. L. Weller SR, and Elijah Craig 12.

Besides bourbon, I also enjoy homebrewing beer, cigars, and playing poker.

I've noticed quite a few others here are also from Ohio and was wondering where do you go to get bourbons not sold in the state (i.e. Van Winkles, etc)? I've browsed Binny's online, but hate to pay shipping if I can make a trip somewhere. Are there any preferable stores in Pa or WV?

Thanks for all of the information and great website.