I'm a man of wealth, and taste,
I drink a lot of bourbon,
which is why I've come to this place.

Hi everybody, I'm Dave, and it's my first time here. I'm really glad to find this site. Actually, I found the site long ago, but didn't realize that it (or maybe it didn't have then) had a forum. Great to find other bourbonists!

I'll start off with what I have in my liquor cabinet now:

Hirsch Selection Sm. Batch - Just got it recently; it's good.

Four Roses Sm. Batch - Good; bit fruity. Only had 4R in Europe before.

Old Grand-dad 114 - Venerable resident, not drunk often because of high proof. Very good whiskey.

Sazerac Rye 18 Y0 - Great stuff, bottle almost empty. (:

Sazerac Rye No Age - Also good.

RI-One - Shiite. (And the *name*...)

Jack Daniiels Sing Bar - Languisher.

Gentleman Jack - Serious languisher.

William Larue Weller - Only wheated I have currently. I thought Booker's was a grizzly, but this makes it seem Gentle Ben.

Georgia Moon in a jar - Mostly evaporated I fear.

Not enough stuff, really!

On the Dark Side, I've got Dalmore Cigar Malt, a few tequilas inc. Herradura, some brandies, a grappa, some rhum agricole, and the Scary Bastard of the Liquor Cabinet, an almost full bottle of Lucid Absinthe, sitting there like a bar of plutonium. (Why oh why did I buy that stuff?).

Up "in the attic", in the shelves above, I've got the Museum of Empty Bottles of Whiskies Past, with all kinds of stuff - Black Maple Hill, Rock Hill Farms, Hancock's Reserve, A.H. Hirsch 16 & 20 YO, WT 12 YO, WT SB, WT RB, WT Rye, WT 101, Old Fitz, Bookers, Evan Williams Vintage, Old Forester Birthday, Old Portrero Malted Rye, the HH Wheat whiskey, on and on and on.

Well, that' s my story. Looking forward to hearing about other people's "collections", past and present. (Bearing in mind "collected" means "in order to drink it eventually".