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Good God... how does anyone from a control state even gain an interest in good bourbon? It would be like being fed Purina monkey chow your whole life....you wouldn't know what real food tastes like.
It's tough but by control state standards Michigan isn't too bad. We have all the Van Winkles, OWA 107, EWSB, the BTAC, The Beam small batch collection, Rare Breed and WTKS, VOB 90, a lot of the limited releases and fairly reasonable state minimums. What pisses me off the most is Four Roses. But I don't know if I'm more annoyed by the state of Michigan or by the late Seagram's corporation. Probably both.

Most of my family is still in a non-control state so I get plenty of opportunities to shop in another state, and the last few years I've been in Kentucky at least 2-3 times a year so that's usually enough to stock up for a few months.