All I can say is that I've always preferred reading over writing (and arithmetic) so please excuse my grand total of one post in a year and a half. A good chance I'll always be a novice but will keep visiting a couple times a day. Of course I'm also really crazy about drinking bourbon so what I have learned here, as the ad says, is priceless. I was half way serious about wine for more than a few years but have fallen hard for pours of great American Whiskeys. It's been about a year of buying, hunting and tasting with the words of "haven't you bought enough already" now echoing as a refrain around the house. I already have whiskey nervosa and yeah I also worship at the altar of Stitzel-Weller but many many others are also worthy of genuflection. I enjoy cheapies as much as high end and still waiting for that first bottled in bond that disappoints ($8.49 for Old Heaven Hill BIB, compliments of the Rite Aid in Henderson Kentucky is simply ridiculous.... and hey from my house it's less than 6 hours down Highway 41). It's been a great journey so far, thanks and trust me you'll never see anything from my stash on e-bay.