Ok im getting back into drinking whiskey and i bought a few bottles the other day some were cheap and some were better, i do like my drinks mixed and im trying to get more into drinking straight so i bought a few of these bottles in mind for mixing and others i hope i like them straight anyways just wondering out of what i bought is a drink you would drink straight.

also i know all of these aren't scotch so i hope i didn't put this post in the wrong place


jim beam white lable - bought this for mixing

red stag- also bought for mixing

wild turkey 80proof - i use to drink 101 a lot and i though 80 would be smother to get back into it and i was wrong lol from now on its always 101.

wild turkey american honey - i don't know anything about this

knobb creek - i hear good thing but ive never tried it

Chivas Regal 12 year - heard good things but never tried

johnny walker red lable- heard its a good mixing drink

makers mark - ive hand it mixed and remembered i really enjoyed it

jameson- popual irish whiskey ive never had