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The real surprise was The Irishman 70, a merchant's blend of 70% single malt and 30% pure pot still. Now this is a blend! I have fashioned my own similar blends at home for a long time but this is the first commercial example to my knowledge of combining single malt and pure pot still Irish whiskeys. Wow. Again they get a rainwater soft texture and the pot still shines through but in a controlled way, the malt wraps around it and displays it to perfection. All for only $40.00 but it is worth much, much more.
Man, Gary, you really hit the nail on the head! I had the Irishman 70 last night and loved it. I'm not sure what I can add to your already perfect description. The "rainwater soft texture" and "pot still shining through but in a controlled way" is dead on, with the malt adding perfect balance but never getting in the way. I have friends who actually don't care for the intensity of pure pot still flavor as found in Redbreast, for example, so I'm curious to see what they think of the Irishman when they try it. Others don't care for the "biscuit-y" grain flavor found in most Irish whiskey blends, and that is not really present in the Irishman at all, so it really may appeal to lots of folks. I should mention to others that, although we have been referring to this whiskey as Irishman "70," the number is not actually present on the bottle's front label, so don't pass it by thinking that you've found the wrong thing. But read the back label and you will see the description of "30%" pure potstill and "70% malt." Thanks for the tip on this one, Gary.