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    Finally, back to bourbon.

    I went a very very long time without drinking bourbon. I bought two bottles of four roses (single barrel and small batch), as soon as they were being distributed to Southern California. However, I had over 70 open bottles of whisk(e)y, probably about a 70/30 single malt/bourbon split. I told myself I would not open them until I finished off every other bottle of whiskey. Finally this week I did it. Wednesday night I finished off every single open bottle of whisk(e)y I owned. Last night and this morning I have drank the first to drinks of bourbon I have had in over 6 months.

    The four roses tastes REALLY good. I don't know if it's just because it's been a long time, or if it's truly that good of a whiskey. but man that was nice to have. My new rule is no more than 5 bottles in the house, and no more than one open at a time.

    And before you ask, I'm single and living alone, I have no wife telling me not to buy whiskey. That's how I was able to build my collection and finish it off.

    That said, I feel really bad that when I saw the finish line, the bottle left in my way was a 24 year old Port Ellen. That was drank way to fast, and I'm kind of ashamed.

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    Re: Finally, back to bourbon.

    Welcome back Thesh! I think any bourbon would taste incredible after not only not having any for a while but also drinking scotch in the meantime! And yes, Four Roses is typically very good.

    "everybody defamates from miles away
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    Re: Finally, back to bourbon.

    Hi Thesh,

    I had a similar experience as yours, though not as many bottles. I got away from whisky for several years and luckily I saved a few bottles in my closet.

    It's painful to adjust to the 2009 prices, that's for sure.



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