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    Re: Handy wins out tonight...

    Quote Originally Posted by kateric View Post
    ...Slight twinge of a headache this AM 'cause that Handy drew me in - but such is the price I pay for being female on the lower weight spectrum... it's a cryin' shame that I can't enjoy more than 1 - 2 oz at the time!
    With Handy being in the uncut/unfiltered vein it will bring on that headache more easily than a typical whiskey. It took me a little while to learn that lesson when I first discovered Stagg, a painful lesson it was at times, but the sediment in these bottles can really cause a doozy the next morning if you're not careful.

    I too was tipping the '06 Handy last night. It is a favorite, and when it is open I tend to not be able to avoid it.

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    Re: Handy wins out tonight...

    Quote Originally Posted by unclebunk View Post
    All very true. It's not about being able to "handle" the barrel strength whiskeys or not wanting to "dilute" them, so much as attempting to get the most flavor out of each pour. And for me, that sometimes involves adding just a touch of water. I know some folks insist that the addition of small amounts of water has never improved a bourbon's aroma/flavor in their experience, but I've definitely improved a number of pours by doing it, so you may wish to try it and you can always abandon it if it doesn't work for you.
    Well said Hank. I've found that it's not a matter of the whiskey improving but simply changing the dynamic within various proofs.
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    Re: Handy wins out tonight...

    Interesting observation, Christian... I never thought of that uncut/nonchill aspect! Makes perfect sense! (Maybe I'll cut back a tad when having those types in the future - makes me feel like not such a lightweight anymore ... Cheers to you for our sharing the same spirit last night!

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    Re: Handy wins out tonight...

    Speaking of Handy, ( ) took an 08 sample with me to bowling tonight, along with a few others from the BTAC. Needless to say, a good time was had by all. Joe
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