MGP Ingredients, Inc.

This company, with plants in Pekin, IL, Atchison and Onaga KS, like other bulk alcohol distillers provides many in the vodka, gin and cordial world with alcohol. Other used are food and pharmaceutical grade applications. It appears the Pekin plant is the main distillery but some is done at Atchison.

I wonder how many beverage companies buy their alcohol from 3rd parties as opposed to having their own distillation facilities....I assume the economics make buying from a bulk producer quite an advantage and yielding no appreciable difference in the alcohol produced. Premium, small operation distillers typically make their own...but as demand increases I suppose the allure of supplementing with bulk alcohol makes sense vs investing in facilities.

This is about what is left of the Peoria / Pekin area alcohol industry that used to be a world leader....pre and post prohibition. Hiram Walker was the last working whiskey distiller. Now the product probably goes into bulk vodka, gin etc. I would great to see some enterprising whiskey operation start up in that area again.