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    Show Us Your Stash!!

    Alrighty I will break the ice on this one. Citizens of Bourbonia, it is time to show off! Bust open the Bourbo-Bunker and show us your stash! If it all possible take a mug shot of your bourbon collection and post it on this thread.

    Here's mine, I know the shot is fuzzy but I wanted to take the pic where I keep the stuff but the lighting there is shitty. We actually keep it in the spice box they are on top of. Usually I have a nice crystal decanter set on top, but that is empty at the moment (BLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!) anyway I showed mine, now you have to show yours!


    PS thats 29 bourbon bottles in my collection all open, plus one rye (Old Overholt). There is also one empty bottle in the picture, the signed BLANTON'S bottle from BobbyC's cookout.
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