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    storage in the cold

    I may be doing some work in my basement, where I currently store my bunkered bottles of bourbon, and am thinking about moving my bourbon up to my garage (not used for cars). I live in the northeast and it can get pretty cold in my garage over the winter (certainly below freezing). I realize that whiskey is much hardier than wine and can take a certain degree of tempature variability, but wanted to make sure I wasn't putting my bourbon in any danger. Thank you very much.

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    Re: storage in the cold

    More than a few people deliberately store their liquor -- including bourbon/whiskey -- in their freezer at home. The only 'harm' it does is deadens the taste a bit while it remains cold. Back at room temperature, it's what it ever was. (I'm assuming here your garage doesn't reach absolute-zero, or anything like! )

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    Re: storage in the cold

    it has to get real cold to freeze hard liquor. -25 degrees F

    see: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/ie50113a018

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    Re: storage in the cold

    Just my 2 cents.

    If you leave it in to long the cork shrinks and the alcohol evaporates and your left with a real syrupy product.

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    Re: storage in the cold

    one thing that I have noticed about storing whiskey in a freezer, especially if the bottle is open, is that it will "outgas" when returned to room temperature and then opened. When I was much more ignorant, I did this with a bottle of Buffalo Trace, and opened it after it had warmed significantly. I might as well have been opening a can of coca-cola. It didn't taste the same after that, either.

    I did the same thing to a bottle of WT101. It was a handle, and it was half empty and it never tasted exactly right after that.

    Perhaps it was my imagination, or perhaps I was doing something wrong. I have no idea...
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    I like to save up the charred bits in the bottom of the unfiltered stuff. When I have enough, I pour milk on it and eat it.

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    Re: storage in the cold

    Thank you. This has been very helpful.

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    Re: storage in the cold

    Chill haze for the unfiltered bourbons...

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    Re: storage in the cold

    I'd leave it indoors (heated), if you can. No sense taking chances with good whiskey.
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