Hello from California (San Diego County). Fairly new to bourbon, although I did drink JBWhite and coke many, many, many years ago. In October my wife and I vacationed in TN, KY and IN (in-laws). We spent a couple of days on the Bourbon Trail. Wow, what a nice area. Also, visited JD while in TN. I am starting my "bunker" with 1-2 bottles from each distillery we visited. Here are my current selections and prices paid in San Diego:

Jim Beam: JBB ($16); KC ($22)
Maker's Mark 1.75 ($34)
Heaven Hill : EC18 ($45)
Four Roses: FRsmB ($38); FRSB ($42)
Woodford: WR ($27)
Buffalo Trace: Blanton's SB ($40); ERSB ($30)
Wild Turkey: ????? Any recommendations??

The prices paid in San Diego seem a little higher then other places but maybe because you can't go any further west without a ship?

Thanks to everyone who posts here. I have learned a lot about bourbon in a short time.