My friends and wife have had varying degrees of reactions to me always wanting to peek in the liquor store just in case. But after finding a bottle of WT tribute in a non-Lenell's shop in NYC two years ago, it's impossible for me to not check.

Was in New Haven CT visiting a friend on the way to Boston for a wedding... went by the Wine Thief, which has a great selection of wines and some tasty bourbons as well. As we're walking in, I see a bottle of Old Fitzgerald in the window. I stop. Wait, the paper on the cap says SW on it. Hrm.

So, desperately trying to be nonchalant, I "casually" ask if they'd sell it. It was a gift and they can't, why, is there any significance to it? After some hemming and hawing, they refuse to sell it on karmic grounds, but they'll happily let me see the bottle. We were in a rush, so i couldn't take down everything, but it was a 1958 bottling. I begged them to take my number in case they opened it up. So close.