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    Romeo & Julieta with \'The Fox\'!

    I was feeling pretty damn good when I got home from work this morning, so I popped the top on a bottle of 'the Fox' and dug out a Romeo & Julieta torpedo from my humidor. The torp was wraped in a natual wrapper that was lumpy and bumpy and very vainey. The torpedo is a semi-conical shape that is tough to roll evenly. If you've ever paid any attention to old photos of Mark Twain he almost always smoked a torpedo shaped cigar. This R&J lit easily and drew effortlessly. It produced tons of thick glorious blue-gray smoke. I washed my soul clean in it, and stood ready for 'the Fox'. The crisp - clean flavor of 'the Fox' was a perfect counterpoint for the R&J torp. The torp burned slow; sweet, and even - building an ash of over three inches before it fell in my lap. The long firm ash allows the incoming air to warm slowly and therefor allows the cigar to burn both more slowly and more cooly. The even-ness of the burn shows the great skill of the roller that made the cigar. Even pressure and rolling tension yields a better burning cigar as does great aged tobacco. The Romeo & Julieta had it all. 'The Fox' was the perfect partner to this stick. Sweet vanilia and easy drinking bliss plus the cool sweet semi-mild tobacco smoke melted away all the stresses of the workaday world. This is what BLeeE! is all about baby!

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    Re: Romeo & Julieta with \'The Fox\'!

    You inspired me. I broke open the humidor after an exhilirating round of disc golf. (It was about 50 degrees here in Lexington on Saturday) I pulled out an R&J Cedros #4 and the bottle of Saz and headed to the back yard. I fired up the outdoor fireplace just after dusk. Like Bees to honey, my four neighbors zeroed in on the action and an unofficial meeting of "The He-Man Women Haters Club" took place. (Please don't take offence to the name. Its a reference to an old Little Rascals episode where all the boys swear off women, but end up competing for Darla's affections) The Saz is dead. Long live the Saz. Good Friends, Great Smokes and Great Libations. Another tough day in the bluegrass.




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