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    Re: New Member from Mississippi - With Question

    Some people enjoy collecting different items. If expensive Scotch is your passion have at it.

    Some people invest in real estate, some the stock market, some in art. Why not Scotch, if you know the market and the potential of risks involved.

    It's not my cup of tea, but who's to say it not yours.

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    Re: New Member from Mississippi - With Question

    Thanks for the replies, everyone. I do indeed plan on keeping it, for all the reasons that were mentioned. It was never my intention to sell it, I knew it was something special when I first saw it in the back of the cabinet. I have googled until I don't know what else to google, and I haven't been able to find details about this specific commemorative bottling. That's why I came here, and it has proven that it is indeed something rare and that must have been why he was holding on to it.

    J.W., I'm from Meridian, MS. Great grandad, granddad, dad and myself were all born and raised here.

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    Re: New Member from Mississippi - With Question

    It's over 43 years old and must have been special. Hang on to it and place it a place of honor where all can see when they visit.

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    Question Re: New Member from Mississippi - With Question

    In Meridian, is the restaurant with all the cuckoo clocks still open? Man, I used to love that place!

    Self-Styled Whisky Connoisseur



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