I mentioned last week in another thread that I had found one of these and bought it but left others on the shelf. I went back to that store and bought the other two. I thought that I had left four but there were only two yesterday.

These bottles are from 2003 and Old Bardstown is a KBD label. I didnt realize this when I bought the first one... I was thinking that it was a Heaven Hill brand. I have since checked with KBD and was told that they hadnt bottled a BIB for a long time but they didnt specify when they stopped bottling a OB BIB.

The juice is from Heaven Hill's DSP KY 31. The timeline seems to fit... if these were bottled in 2003 its reasonable to believe that the whiskey was distilled before the 1996 Heaven Hill fire.

I thought it was an interesting story and know someone that will appreciate one of these as a Christmas gift. Oh yea, its some pretty tasty whiskey too!

I have seen a couple of folks post that they didnt like some of the Old Bardstown that they have had. Has anyone else had the OB BIB from DSP KY 31?