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I picked up a mini (50ml) of Zacapa 23yr Solera. Now, my rum literacy is basically nil, but I can say this was pretty tasty. Very, very sweet. Then you think about it a moment and you remember, "Yeah, this is distilled sugar." And that's about what it tastes like. But with some depth and contour.

But here's the part I don't understand: a full 750ml bottle of this stuff is like $35-$40, which is fine. But the mini bottle I got was $1.50 out the door.

My math isn't all that great, but they're not giving me a lot of incentive to pick up the big one.
Wow... I don't know that I've ever seen Zacapa in mini-bottles. Possibly something limited?

At that price... I'd get a bucket of the little guys!