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I'm torn on BT. I bought a couple bottles a while back at about $22 each. I thought the juice was pretty good at that price. It's now up in the $27-30 range around here, and I'm not sure I'd pay that much for it.
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They have started stocking BT at Alabama ABC, but they are charging a fortune for it, around $35. I would like to scrape up the funds to try a bottle, though. We'll see.

How's $19.99?


It's on sale, $5 off. Not sure what the shipping is, but it's probably pricey since you're so far away. I checked, and they'll ship to AL, but you have to call for a shipping price.

I live in state, and here's my shipping costs. $10 a bottle, $15 for six bottles and up to $22 for a 12 bottle case.