Yes, fellow bourbonians, this is the website that most distillers would forbid you to visit, except for that pesky problem of public access to information concerning those who seek the liability limitations of the corporate form of organization.

This website will enable you to search for and learn about the status of any company organized under the laws of the great state of Kentucky. So, when you next see one of those obscure distillery names on a label and wish to know if, for example, Evan Kulsveen or Julian VanWinkle is behind the tasty lode just discovered, visit this website and your questions will be answered.

Hint: If you type "* distilling" (include the space) into the search window, the kind Kentucky Secretary of State will inform you of every active and inactive Kentucky company that includes the word "distilling" in its name.

Fun: Search for "Michter's" and enjoy the recent history of Kentucky companies lusting after the good will associated with the beloved A.H. Hirsch pot-stilled bourbons from Pennsylvania!